Max. height 7m (22.96′)
Max. Load 500Kg (1102 lb)
Structure 30cm Square Truss
Elevation 1200Kg Winch
Security System VMB Pin&Track Security Lock
Work surface 2.8 x 2.8 m

The TE-30 lifting tower has been specially designed for elevating aluminum structures at a high altitude and keep them fixed. It also has several accessories for PA / Line Array audio systems.

Set with a steel base and 6082-T6 aluminum alloy truss sections connected to form the towerlift. It has 2 steel straps with clamps, which are fixed to the first aluminum truss section and the steel legs, which adds stability and strength to the main body.

This lift tower has 5 swivel castors in the base, for easy transport.

It has stabilizers in both legs and base, with non-slip rubber plates and threaded bolts, to level the tower in difficult terrain, with unevenness, and to ensure overall stability.

Black finish for the base, with epoxy powder paint to the oven, which offers great resistance to corrosion.

VMB offers you a wide range of accessories, which combined with this lifter allows you to increase its unlimited number of applications. One of the most used accessories, for example, is the Cradle accessory for lifting PA audio systems, which is used to hang Line Array audio systems with motor or chain hoists.

The TE-30 has the Pin & Track safety system, which has an automatic trigger on the steel lifting carriage and an aluminum track plate welded on the truss sections. The trigger will work in the unlikely event of cable breaking, blocking the load and preventing it from collapsing.

VMB offers you a 2-year warranty and stock of spare parts for 5 years. In addition, we have our own factory in Spain, where we offer service to review and repair your lifter.