Was rezensenten die Nutzer über VMB

VMB towerlifts represent an original construction and certified quality for affordable price
Music Data, Czech Republic

We have used VMB towerlifts in our professional rental for many years. They suit us well, and we trust them from small to big setups
Michael Henriksen, Unico Gruppen, Denmark

After buying my VMB TE-074P I have to say that I am more than happy with them. Stable, Strong, Super Security with a great advantage compared with a competitor brand I was using before. The ALS, Auto Lock Security system is wonderful. Thank you for introducing me to VMB towerlifts
M Bresset, ALB, France

We would only ever use VMB towerlifts, why would we use anything else? They are the most reliable and of course, the safest on the market and when you are lifting and lowering expensive equipment it is important to have peace of mind
Carlos Berlanga, Watussi, Spain

VMB towerlifts are providing me with the flexibility to raise my lights, line array system and my other devices safely and efficiently
Mega Kol, Israel

We’ve been using VMB Towerlifts in our production department for a couple of years now and they’ve been excellent. Our Towerlifts are workhorses that get used on almost all of our hotel/club touring systems. You take them out of the case, put the truss on, then they go up and when the gig’s finished, they come back down and go back into the road case – sounds simple, but they do this EVERY TIME with no problems or breakages (not so with our other/older Winchups). Indeed, we’ve just sold our winchups to a scrap metal yard and now only have VMB Towerlifts as ground support
Neale Mace, Entertainment Installations, Australia

We are using more than 20 VMB Towerlifts. We sold all the other competitor products during the last year and now only use VMB. We have now also bought 4 TL-075C for flying the Lynx Line Array. We are very happy with the big range and the excellent Service from VMB
Thomas Wernikowski, Acoustic Sound, Germany

We are really happy with our VMB towerlifts and especially like them because of their Safety and also because they are easy to operate
AVAB CAC, Norway

Certainly, The big advantage with VMB towerlifts is the wide range they offer, it helps to be able to choose the right product for specific needs and every kind of installation. A good idea was adding black products which helps us to use them in theaters. The most important thing is quality and security of all VMB products. CE and all other certificates assure us that these are the right products for us
Piotr Wojtas, Elwolight, Poland

VMB towerlifts never disappoint me. Even when I was in need to force them to their limits. Then I really loved them
George Kastanis, Super Sound, Greece

VMB towerlifts have given us the ability to rig up our sound systems in practically any venue and they really add value to the services we have to offer. Above all they make us look and sound great at all times
Warren D’Souza, Sound.com, India

We have several VMB towerlifts in our rental stock, in three cities. As Sweden is such a large country they travel a lot and we are very satisfied with their reliability
Spectra Stage & Event Technologies, Sweden

I’m really happy with my TL-054 towerlifts and they have been used to install some really big exhibition stands. They enable me to save time. Also, most importantly for me is the quality of service from VMB
Thierry Tabarin, PSB Sonorisation, Belgium

Broadway Finland Oy has trusted VMB’s compability and reliability when lifting sound and light equipments in all kind of events. We know that you must have the best quality in use to get everything running well. Our team has over 20 years experience lifting things so we know what we are talking about
Jani Pellikka, Broadway, Finland

What can I say about VMB towerlifts, robust, easy to set up and include a technological security system capable of reinsuring all professionals. They also have an excellent price/quality ratio
Richard Pianetti, AUDIO TECHNIQUE, France

What makes VMB towerlifts so competitive is their multi-purpose, simple use that goes from lifting a simple truss section to ground supporting a full ballroom draping truss system. We have recently ordered around 24 VMB towerlifts for our rental department and are very happy. You can easily store them, roll them to your truck and on site and they support up to 200Kg at 6.5 m height
Abderrazek Hakimi, TechnoPro, Middle East

We have more than 30 years of working with Pro light & Sound so when the new VMB Towerlift came on the market we were more than satisfied with its capabilities. The VMB Towerlift proved to be very mobile with the smallest (only 1.7m high) fitting absolutely anywhere. We should not forget to mention the techincal capabilities and safety features of the VMB towerlift which displays a variety of options working with lighting, audio and video equipment
Jernej Podbevšek, SST-d.o.o., Slovenia

VMB Towerlifts offer Southern African users ultimate rigging flexibility in order to adapt to the growing live event market in the country. The superior engineering, quality and safety backed by excellent technical support and documentation makes VMB the product of choice when it comes to lifting towers
Gustav Barnard, Stage Audio Works, South Africa

For years we have been happy with VMB towerlifts, they come with high security and the very best quality
Aculab Veranstaltungstechnik, Austria

The motive for our decision to select VMB towerlifts was essentially for their quality, resistance and reliability, as well as assistance warranties provided by the brand/distributor. The decision was taken after comparing several products and brands, achieving the final conclusion that the best offer for price/quality was VMB. We acquired both TL-078B and TE-076P and are really satisfied with the equipment as well as the service provided by the VMB distributor in Portugal, Merging Select
João Pedro Flores, Corval Som, Portugal

I just started last year to do professional service & hiring for lighting and audio equipment and it was pretty difficult to choose the right brand on the market .It had to be the best value for money and be tough enough for for every day work. Now I can say I made the right decision when it came to VMB towerlifts. VMB will be my 1st choice for every future purchase without a doubt
Oliver Bilan, OLIVER SOUND&LIGHT, Croatia

We have been using VMB towerlifts for over ten years now. Rigid construction, high load capacity, high reach and market acceptance are the keywords that brought us to VMB. They get the job done, every time, everywhere
Martijn van Thiel, Famous Music Entertainment, the Netherlands

Over 19 feet of clearance from the ground, 320kg load capacity, This TL-A320 has never failed us since we got it 2 years ago.We have enjoyed a huge reduction in setup time. Easy to use and lastly, extremely secure. Clearly a winner
Manny, LifeTone Group, Uyo, Nigeria

VMB have provided touring companies in Malaysia with a solution for high quality lifts and for dealing with tight space constraints. Chan Lee Sound was the first user and now there are many professional companies including Synergy projects & Concepts, Discotech Systems, Soundworks AV, Hivolt, Psychoacoustic Sound. In a nutshell, all very happy users
Steven Foong, SCA World Connection, Malaysia